“It is finished” …the words Jesus spoke, were perhaps the most important words within all of Christendom.

The accompanying crowd and some bystanders had not understood just who He was, this man on the middle cross, for whom they insisted upon the death penalty.

Were they troubled when the sky grew dark and the temple curtain rent itself from top to bottom as Jesus breathed His last?

At least one man understood. A Centurion, guard of the Roman Empire, stood there beneath the cross, saw the bloody face, and heard the dying words, and then proclaimed, “Surely, He was the Son of God.”

“It is finished.”

His work was complete, and after the earth shook, there was silence.

Until Sunday.

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Kim Chafee

I am a lover of the God who sings! I am a Christ-follower and an ordained minister married to the other Rev. Chafee (Scott), with two grown children and a multitude of pets. And, I love chocolate. Read more about me and the reason for this blog on my ABOUT page.

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