On my way to church on a rainy Sunday morning, hurrying so I won’t be late…I see him there on the side of the six-lane highway running flat-out down the side of the road toward me.  The dog has a collar, looks to be in good shape, and yet he either believes he is running for his life – or running to his life.  I’m not sure which.  All I know is that the poor animal reminds me of my son’s dog, and I’m afraid he’s lost and alone, and that the oncoming traffic might hit him. 

I’ve seen plenty of dogs on the side of the road before.  But for some reason, this one upset me more than usual.  No chance to turn around and try to find the creature – he’s moving too fast, and I’m running late.  And even if I could find him, what would I do with him?  He’s pretty big!  I don’t know if he’d allow me to rescue him.  All I know is that he appears to be lost and needs to be found; probably someone’s beloved pet – running in the wrong direction. 

I make it to church in plenty of time to greet folks, get my choir robe on, get my music ready…but for some reason, I’m still thinking of the dog…and am still on the verge of tears.  I’m not sure why and I feel rather ridiculous.

Lost and alone and running… 

That’s all that I can figure.  The frightened creature needs a savior.  (Don’t we all?)  Some would disagree with that assessment, which goes to show, in my opinion, just how lost we can be…not even realizing we are lost, and that it takes a Savior to find us. 

Fortunately for us, God chose to do exactly that.  The God who seeks…the “Hound of Heaven;” the One who came “to seek and save the lost.”  I am grateful that even when I run in the opposite direction of where I should be, God continues to pursue me.
















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Kim Chafee

I am a lover of the God who sings! I am a Christ-follower and an ordained minister married to the other Rev. Chafee (Scott), with two grown children and a multitude of pets. And, I love chocolate. Read more about me and the reason for this blog on my ABOUT page.

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